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In Khara’s 1:1 mentoring program, you can rely on Khara’s experience and heart-driven approach to help you find purpose and direction.


Herde founder, Khara Williams, has practiced her model of Self Leadership for over 12 years and has helped many women in her teams become unstuck, move forward and grow into Self Leaders themselves.

Learning Self Leadership skills is an empowering experience for any woman looking to live her life with purpose and direction.

Over the course of three sessions, you will discuss the challenges you’re facing in your life, work to define solutions, and implement strategies to ensure you are moving towards your goals.

Mentoring structure


01 — 15-minute Discovery Session

Discuss your challenges with Khara so she can gain a good understanding of how you can best work together. 

02 — 1-Hour Mentoring Call

Khara will help guide you through your challenges and support you to lead yourself in the future. 

03 — 15-minute Follow-Up Session

A chance to check in with Khara and ask any questions.


Invest in building the life you’ve always dreamed of, and rest easy knowing Khara will be holding your hand every step of the way.