My self-leadership masterclasses, workshops and retreats are more than events – they’re life-changing experiences. Which one will be the trigger for your bigger, bolder and brighter tomorrow?


Lead Your Life eBook

Discover why self-leadership is the key to success in all areas of your life from career to relationships, finances to parenting. There is nothing you can't do when you are willing to be the leader of your own life. Found out why self-leadership is so important and discover the 6 pillars that will have you leading from a space of authenticity and purpose.


Exclusive Self-Leadership Mentoring

Join Khara Williams in her 1:1 mentoring program and find clarity around your purpose and direction. Allow Khara to guide and support you through life’s challenges with her experience and heart-driven approach that will enable you to become unstuck and move forward so that you’re able to self-lead. 

  • 15 minute Discovery Session: Discuss your challenges with Khara so she can gain a good understanding of how you can best work together. 

  • 1 hour Mentoring Call with Zoom: Khara will help guide you through your challenges and support you to lead yourself in the future. 

  • 15 minute Follow-Up Session: A chance to check in with Khara and ask any questions.

Price: only $250. 

Mentoring call must take place during the month of August.


This is an exclusive offer! Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with Khara.