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Breaking down R.E.A.L: A deep dive into ‘Empathy’

It’s time to once again dig deep into our series on keeping it R.E.A.L in self leadership. This time round we tackle the letter ‘E’ for empathise – I’ll be talking about what it really means to have empathy for those around you, what strategies you can use to read people better and why taking the time to consider others’ feelings can shine a spotlight on when you need to consider your own.

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Tapping into your intuitive wisdom to create success

It’s not always easy to discern intuition from the constant reasoning and rationalising that goes on when trying to make a decision. Many of us have been hard-wired to ignore our intuitive powers in favour of logic or reason, making decisions based on other’s expectations, or those we place on ourselves. And while paying our bills is important, if we can learn to amplify our intuition, I believe we can create a life that not only provides security, but is grounded in purpose and passion.

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