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What I'm reading...

I love reading, being surrounded by books wondering what wise words I’ll soak up next. Do I need a dose of fiction to transport me to another place? Maybe some inspiration via an autobiography from someone I admire? Or perhaps a recipe book that fuels my body, and my mind?

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Healthy butter chicken

A spin on the ole faithful, deliciously comforting traditional butter chicken, this recipe balances great flavour with nutritional benefits to boot. Filled with fresh, flavourful spices and lean proteins, this dish boasts benefits such as reducing inflammation, aiding digestion and even relieving stress (you heard that right—those sneaky spices are loaded with goodies!)

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Baby's first steps

He’s been stumbling around for a few months now – nervously pulling himself up on the nearest chair, table, fellow human – knees wobbling, eyes focused, mouth smiling. But two weeks ago my Tom, my youngest boy, finally found firm ground and took off walking for the first time.

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