Why your intuition is your greatest superpower


We’ve all had moments where we’ve ‘just felt’ something was the right choice, ‘just knew’ something needed our attention at a given time. Or where we’ve ‘just sensed’ there was something a bit off about a place, a person, a decision, that altered the way we reacted in a given situation. 

Today, we delve into the mysterious realm of intuition. In our modern society where rationality reigns supreme, we could all stand to slow down and give our intuition a little more devotion. Here’s why your intuition could actually be your greatest superpower.

What is intuition?

Let’s consider that our decision making is made up of two distinct elements. The first is a conscious, logical reasoning, which deliberately draws conclusions from what we’ve learned and what we know. The second is a subconscious process – a primal, instinctive sense or feeling our brain forms from past experiences to help us navigate the world around us. The cool thing is this latter element is happening even when we’re not even aware of it!

We can think of intuition as the bridge between these two elements, a process – an inner voice – that helps them work together the determine the best outcome for us in any given situation. It’s a soft and gentle voice – so soft in fact, it’s easily drowned out. Especially in a world where we’re making up to 35,000 decisions every day!

The superpower you never realised you had

But here’s the thing: often our best, most authentic decisions are made when we take the time to seek out and listen to that intuitive voice, when we pay respect to the very real subconscious processes going on in our body alongside deliberate rational thought.

You might initially want to write the intuitive off as illogical nonsense or pseudo-science, but our brains are just too complex – and there is so much we don’t know about them – to ignore the profound impact of these very real psychological processes.  

Intuition exists in all of us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. And the more we can learn about it, the more we can use it to shape our lives for the better. You can even go so far as to think of intuition as a secret superpower, waiting to be unlocked and used for the greater good.

Following your head AND your heart

Ready to get in touch with your intuition but not sure how to go about it? The great thing is that little inner voice gets louder the more time you spend seeking it out. 

Listen: It seems pretty simple, but you’re just not going to hear that inner voice if you’re not listening out. Find somewhere quiet and let your thoughts around a situation or a pending decision come and go. Likewise, if you find yourself anxiously circling over the same decision again and again in your mind, it could be time to pay deeper attention to what’s causing all the questions.

Feel: Often our bodies pick up on intuition before our brains can catch up. If a decision is making you feel anxious, sad, self-critical or outright nauseated, likely your subconscious is picking up something off about the situation. Similarly, if something gives you goosebumps and euphoria, go with it – it could be your intuition guiding you to the right place!

Write: Journaling – writing down all your thoughts and feelings around a particular decision – can also be effective in identifying what your intuition is trying to tell you. Don’t filter the words, just let them pour out on the page and see where your subconscious takes you, you might be surprised where you end up.

Connect: We’re constantly picking up unconscious signals from the people around us. Try watching out for other people’s reactions to a situation or decision – their facial changes, their body language, their tone – you might have more to learn that you think from the intuition of others.

InspirationKhara Williams