What I'm reading...


I love reading, being surrounded by books wondering what wise words I’ll soak up next. Do I need a dose of fiction to transport me to another place? Maybe some inspiration via an autobiography from someone I admire? Or perhaps a recipe book that fuels my body, and my mind?

If this sounds like you, here’s some inspiration for your reading list… enjoy!

IKIGAI, The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

This book talks about the secret to the Japanese way of life and how they don’t believe in retirement. It also discusses the five blue zones in the world and their history – my review? Fascinating, and definitely worth a read.  

The Success Principle – Jack Cranfield

This book changed the way I thought about my life within the first two chapters. I was giving myself slaps and it was a real ‘ah-ha moment’ on my belief patterns. I finally accepted that, actually, I’m not perfect! Reading this book was a pivotal moment in my life; I realised I needed to grow even more and, afterwards, I went to town on my self-development.

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

I have loved everything about these books. They are so real and passionately promote a no-waste rule. It was also the first recipe book I read that was about so much more than how to cook something; it taught me about the reasons why I should eat certain things, as well as the best ways to prepare and store them.

Live, Lead, Lean – Gail Kelly

I have always found Gail Kelly to be extremely inspirational. Her real approach to life and finding ways to give back fills my cup when I need it most – a must for anyone’s bedside table.