About Herde

Introducing Herde, an inspirational lifestyle and self-leadership brand that empowers women to propel themselves forward in life, business and health so that they can take full ownership of who they are and who they desire to be.  

Herde draws on founder, Khara Williams, twelve years of corporate experience managing large teams and her passion to help women transition into self leaders, with a focus on self development and cultivating a supportive community. By providing a safe space that encourages communal empowerment, Herde gives women a platform to shape their lives in a way that is enjoyable, motivating and above all empowering.

If you’re a busy woman with a deep desire to simplify your life, lead the way and feel empowered by your choices then it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Herde community.

We know that not all those who wander are lost.

The path isn’t always straightforward. No doubt it’s been peppered with highs (children, career wins and personal achievements) and lows (mothers struggling to re-enter the workforce, relationship breakdowns, tight purse strings). Months, maybe even years have passed where it’s felt like you’ve put your life goals, aspirations, your entire self, on hold. You hit pause because you needed to. And you’re not alone…. 

But now’s the time to press play. Connect with the Herde Community, you’ll be one step closer to finding your new purpose and ultimately leading a happier, more fulfilling, self-lead life.


About Khara

Khara grew up on the banks of the Murray River. Her roots were nourished with firm values and a passion for changing the world around her for the better. Always committed to growing, learning and working incredibly hard, Khara has been working in various capacities since the age of 12 and at 16 took on an apprenticeship. This experience built resilience and a work ethic that has shaped the way Khara leads Herde today.  

Professionally, Khara has passionately progressed through the senior ranks of Westpac, from bank teller through to Regional General Manager, managing a staff of 150. She lead her team to become one of the top 3 regions, enjoying the highest employee engagement in the country. And that is where Khara excels; building a community that is inspired to self-lead and in turn raise the community around them.  Khara combines strategic thinking, business acumen and self motivation to lead, and it’s these qualities that shape how she inspires those around her.  

I know how to lead, inspire and bring out your very best.
— Khara Williams

But, results aren’t everything... Khara leads from the heart and it is undoubtedly what has set her apart as a leader in the corporate financial sector. Khara understands the value of community and relationships when it comes to building a career and a fulfilling life story.

Driven by her innate desire to help people, Khara has spent time working in remote Aboriginal communities and in Sri Lanka, working in an orphanage in Kurunrgala. These experiences have affirmed her ambition to make a difference in people’s lives, but they have also been her awakening.

Personally, Khara is a proud mama to two beautiful boys, Jed and Tom. And yet, managing the balance between, mother, lover, daughter, friend and senior executive is one that continues to challenge and delight. As a busy working mother, Khara knows the juggle and struggle and the need for women to have a community around them. Which is why Herde is such an important part of her life and the work she intends to do in the world.