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The Self Made Woman program

Our program will take you from lost to limitless in thirty days. We’re so confident of that, that we even offer a money back guarantee on it!

Self Leadership is the key to success in all areas of your life. From career to relationships, finances to parenting, there is nothing you can't do when you are willing to self-lead. Through our online program, you’ll discover seven pillars that will empower you to lead from a space of authenticity, so you can find and follow your purpose in this one wild and precious life.

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When we connect, we thrive. When we thrive, we grow. When we grow, we succeed.

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Meet Herde’s founder

Khara Williams is the energetic and vibrant founder of Herde.

Khara has extensive corporate experience managing large teams and passion for helping women transition into self-leaders, a concept which she has been championing for over a decade.

Through this, she aims to empower every woman to take control of their lives through her unique model of self-leadership.

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